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About Us ——————  Langfang xinshan wood industry co., LTD., founded in October 1993, covers an area of 240000 square meters, construction area of 50000 square meters, the company is located in beijing-tianjin-hebei regional integration - the capital economic circle center, the geographical position is superior.Company existing staff 500 people, including technical and administrative staff 35 people, 1 graduate degrees, college degree 6 people, the technical secondary school or above 20 people, has advanced equipment 200 sets. Company produce all kinds of phenolic resin coated water templates and multi-layer solid wood furniture plate, after years of development, has now become the high quality plywood industry enterprises. In the "golden hill", "die" "xian yue house" officially registered trademark for the company, "xian yue house" trademark of E0 grade multi-layer solid wood furniture plate is special, "xian yue furniture plate joy into m"."Xian yue house" E0 multi-layer solid wood furniture plate, door cover plate, sculpture, blister with a multilayer, with vertical and horizontal staggered multilayer plywood as substrate. Due to the glue, high temperature and high pressure, solved the solid board from the aspects of internal stress deformation defects. Surface by the high quality solid wood leather or wood for the material science and technology, the cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, keeping in good health and several working procedure. Multi-layer solid wood has good structure stability, not easy to deformation characteristics, strong, strong ability that grasp a hammer and good adjust the excellent properties of indoor temperature and humidity, surface solid wood stick a skin materials and high-end wenqi melamine paper and has a natural real wood texture and feel. Using self-made high quality environmental protection adhesive in the production process, make the products of formaldehyde release limited exceeds national standard requirement, green environmental protection. Is the choice of furniture plate cost-effective integrated quality. Multi-layer solid wood furniture city yue home plate, avoid lacquer board, secure healthy and comfortable life.The company take "the collection of intelligence, achievement dream" for the purpose, adhering to the "patriotic, quality mountain" spirit of enterprise, relying on talent advantage and scientific management, advanced technology and equipment, high-quality products, extensive sales network, to reach the company long-term development, build one hundred hing mountain.   more>>
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