Use and maintenance

Use and maintenance










When the cuts board must use above 80 teeth the alloy saw,the peak of the saw should be higher than a template surfacecentimeter,the power saw rotation is not lower than 4,000r/m.

If the template was to cut in the scene or the drill hole,then at the cuting or drilling hole edge must brush the special-purpose edge sealing paint. When the template was toput together,paste horizontal template direct assembing or puts together the seam place adhesive tape,thecertical template puts together between the seam to add sponge blockglue assembing.

When the sew or drill a hole on the board must in the underneathbolster side,guarded againet hanging at the back of the template to appear split,Use the special-purpose seals off to fills the seal and to put on the wall bolt hole.When remove,we should prevent the big template faling.



The template was used,after slighter scratches or damages may use the oil slush to add sufficiently smooth and use the special-purposepatching paint seal again. If there was a bigger damage,the hole may nail wedge and then use the oil slush,patch paint patching.



Each tima use the template to need the thorough clean template,when clean template surface should avoid using the incisivetool,inorder to avoid damage template surface layer phenolics menbrane,if the long-term storage should spread in the template surface unctuous material to protect.



In the transportation and in the storage process,should avoid the template fierce deformation and thesuperficial menbrana tectoriaaging which exposeds to the sun and rain causes.In the construction location,the template should deposit in the smooth leveldry location,thebase more than there 10×10cm wooden sides levels strut,avoids depositing in the temperature and the humidity extreme place.