Letter From the President

Letter From the President 


Determined, trials and hardships. We with a firm pace, passed twenty spring and autumn period. Embrace the glory and dream, with perseverance and confidence, we are from all over the world, jointly held the flag of xinshan endeavour.

Self-motivated, chanting.

Through the strategic transformation and brand building, and marketing to xinshan product system, the value system of the comprehensive upgrade. Production of fine, running efficiency, improving personnel quality optimization, enhances the company's core competitiveness and comprehensive competitiveness, create more value for employees, shareholders, and contribute more wealth for the society.

Sages Mr Liang qichao has cloud: "the mother of the thinker, the fact also. How to build the fact, shall first make what kind of ideas." Xinshan tohave "societe generale, quality mountain", is the value orientation of the responsibility, dashing hing mountain man explorations, is our hearts meet force, enterprising power source, is our high standard, operational development action criterion, pioneer is our vision, the spirit of innovation!

"A collection of wisdom, achievement dream" is the tenet of xinshan enterprise. Because of the human dream and great, the enterprise because of culture and prosperity.