Multilayer board and LVL laminated board

Multilayer and LVL laminated plates









LVL multilayer board is widely used in wood packaging industry, construction industry, and furniture because of its flexible product specification, high strength and high water and corrosion resistance.


?  Construction: can be used as web beam, construction timber, construction beam and scaffolding pedal;

?  Furniture: can be used as a door core board, bed board, drawer board, sofa frame, furniture beam, can be cut and slotted.

? Packing: can be used for packing factory, wood products factory, especially export packing of machinery, glass, chemical products and container cushion, carriage board.


Product features

?  LVL material can scatter and stagger the scars, cracks and other defects of the log, thus greatly reducing the influence of strength;

?  Size can be randomly adjusted, can choose to cut and select specifications according to your own material condition; can be sawed, sliced, drilled, tenoned, nailed, etc.;

?  LVL has insect resistant, anticorrosive, waterproof, fireproof performance etc;

?  LVL has very strong seismic performance, damping performance and can resist the fatigue failure caused by cyclic stress.