Water column template

Water column template









The template is made of high quality birch, poplar wood as the main raw material, adopts phenolic resin with high bonding strength and good waterproof to impregnate paper, made by advanced and strict processing technology. The water column template has the advantages of high strength, light weight, strong water resistance and frequent turnover. Products are widely used in bridges, European style buildings and buildings of cylindrical shape.


Use and storage:

Use: 1. Products are equipped with a positioning clip only for positioning when they are on sale, and it cannot withstand the pressure of cement pouring in use, an afterburner bar shall be added every 10cm, which is fixed with steel before the cement casting. 2. Products must be handled with care and constructed in a civilized way in use, thereby prolonging the service life.


Storage: Water covered cylindrical template is stored with forks and fixed with a positioning clip, it needs to be placed in a dry place, avoid the sun and rain as much as possible to prevent phenolic resin film from aging and the template from deforming.


Maintenance: After water covered cylindrical template is used, if there are some minor scratches and breakage, they can be filled with putty and sealed with special repair paint, the larger damage can be nailed with wedge, and then repaired with putty repair paint.


Product specification

Diameter 300mm(Above)×length 2400mm×Thickness 15mm

Diameter 1200mm(Above)×length 2400mm×Thickness 18mm