Plastic template

Plastic template











Plastic covered veneer edge length plywood template is a new generation of template for construction building with plywood as the base material and high strength and wear-resistant engineering wood as veneer and edge, and this product can match steel and aluminum frame template company.


Product features

?  It has good film removal effect, without brush de-moulding agent, and template surface is free from concrete.

?  Casting surface is smooth, bright as a mirror, meets the requirements of fair faced water concrete, and saves secondary plaster.

?  It can be used up to 80 times, and more than 140 times of turnover according to foreign construction experience.

?  The temperature for product use is -40~100.

?  It can also be used as engineering enclosure, packing of special mechanical equipment and so on.


Product specification

Size:2440×1220;1800×600;1200×600 /mm

Thickness:12;15;18;21 /mm