Domestic palm film water template

Domestic palm film water template








The template selects high quality eucalyptus and poplar as the main raw material, the surface adopts the brown film, use phenolic resin with high bonding degree and good waterproof performance to impregnate paper, it is made by advanced and strict processing technology, with the advantages of high strength, light weight, multiple turnover use, smooth and bright pouring surface, etc.


Product features

?  Can be nailed, sawed and machined with fixed length;

?  It does not absorb water, can be repeatedly used for10-30 times, and resist boiling water for 24 hours;

?  Casting surface is smooth, without secondary plastering, shortening the construction period and reducing labor cost;

?  The product veneer is brown film;

?  Widely used in building construction, bridge, tunnel, power plant, airport terminal, dam etc;