Black film water template

Black film water template










The phenolic water film template produced by our company selects high quality birch, poplar wood as the main raw material, adopts phenolic resin with high bonding strength and good waterproof to impregnate paper, take advantage of advanced and strict processing technology, it can be used for more than 15 times without open glue or bubble. The template surface is smooth, with light weight, large size, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, corrosion resistance, good construction performance etc. Products are widely used in civil buildings, bridges, power plants, natural gas storage tanks and other works.


Product features

?  Light weight: suitable for construction of high-rise building and bridge;

?  Large size: the maximum size is 2440 * 1220mm, reducing the number of joints, and improving the working efficiency of formwork;

?  Good water resistance, there is no open glue with boiling; good intensity performance, high turnover frequency and long service life;

?  De-moulding is easy, only1/7 of the steel mold;

?  Casting surface is smooth, meets requirements of the fair faced concrete, saving the secondary plaster; can be directly applied for decorative veneer;

?  Corrosion resistance: it does not pollute the surface of concrete;

?  The temperature for use product is -10℃~50℃, good weather resistance;

?  Can be used as template for curved surface;

?  Can be sawed, nailed, light weight, high strength;


Product specification

Size:1830×915;2440×1220;1250×2500 /mm

Thickness:12;15;17;18;24 /mm