Product positioning

Product positioning





The company actively creates differentiated competitive advantage, adheres to high-end boutique strategy of high starting point, high positioning and high-end market. The phenolic water film template produced by our company selects high quality birch, poplar wood as the main raw material, adopts phenolic resin with high bonding strength and good waterproof to impregnate paper, take advantage of advanced and strict processing technology, it can be used for more than 15 times without open glue or bubble. The template surface is smooth, with light weight, large size, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, corrosion resistance, good construction performance etc.


Products are full of high, medium and low grades, can be used repeatedly for 10-80 times and meet all kinds of water concrete casting.


The company follows the brand philosophy of "Jinshan template, gold quality", dedicated itself providing quality products and services for new and old customers, pursues customer value and exceeds customer expectations.


Main products

Black film water template

Domestic palm film water template

Finland birch film water template

Finland thick film water template

Yellow film template

Plastic template

Water column template

Multilayer board and LVL laminated board

More than 10 varieties above have passed the certification of national plywood testing center.


Application overview:

"Jinshan" brand series templates are widely used in: dam, thermal power plant and other high quality projects; at the same time, as building templates designated for national key projects and construction projects in important areas.


Product specification

Complete specifications and can be customized according to customer requirements.



"Jinshan" brand templates are used as building templates designated for "Bird's Nest" stadium for China 2008 Olympics, Shenyang Olympic Sports Center, the new Beijing International Airport, Beijing (Tongzhou) subsidiary administrative center and other national key construction projects.


In the national energy building, hundreds of power plants including Guangdong Yangjiang power plant, Zhuozhou Jingneng power plant select "Jinshan" high-grade water templates.


"Jinshan template, the protection of the quality building" has reached the consensus among consumers, and Xingshan is steadily stepping on the path of professional and scale development in the fierce market competition.