Laminated building formwork

Building formwork is a temporary support structure made according to design requirements, forming concrete structures and components according to specified positions and geometric dimensions, maintaining their correct positions, and bearing the self weight of the building formwork and external loads acting on it. The purpose of conducting formwork engineering is to ensure the quality and safety of concrete engineering, accelerate construction progress, and reduce engineering costs.

Building formwork is a shell and bracket formed by concrete pouring. Our company currently produces high-end building formwork exported to Australia, which is mainly characterized by acid resistance, alkali resistance, moisture resistance, and corrosion resistance. The product can be reused multiple times and can be reused up to 35 times. And because the building formwork produced by our company adopts a unique production process, the surface facial mask paper is adjusted to matt, which reduces the reflection of light when it is used according to the installation on the site, and greatly increases the safety of construction.

1. Product Name: Building Template

2. Glue: Phenolic resin adhesive, with a bonding strength of special grade, can be boiled in boiling water for 72 hours without opening the adhesive;

3. Membrane paper: Teral phenolic waterproof membrane paper (our company specializes in customizing from Teral Company in Finland)

4. Core material: eucalyptus, pine, birch

5. Hierarchy: 9th, 11th, 13th floors

6. Certification level: Australia F11, F14, F17, F22 level